The beginning of a long awaited dream come true:

The Family: Our new daughter:
Meet the Vaughn's, Dennis, Bryce, 
Rhonda, and Justin
Hi, my name is Cen Fu Qian

The Fashion Pix: Got my bags packed:
Mom, look my new Perm.
Tell Grandpa I know what that 'lectricity stuff does. 
Mom ... Dad, tell ya what, you come get me.
 I don't think I'll be there in time for my birthday party if I try to crawl there.

Going Skiing: Lillia Meet Your Brothers:
Well if I'm not here when you get here, I've gone skiing, please wait.  I should be back by 10:00. Lillia, we just can't wait till you get here!
Please hurry, we'll keep you crib warm.

Your New Home: Lillia Meet One of Your Grandmas:
Lillia, we hope you enjoy your new life.
Bryce and Justin need your help making a snowman.
Lillia, I'll always have a knee for you.

GrandMa & GrandPa Friesen
All we want for Christmas is our new precious Grandbaby.  Just, please hurry.

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